I was having guests over on Sunday and my kitchen needed to be installed. I called Windsor One Plumbing on Friday and they right away scheduled me for the next day to have a complete installation of plumbing and gas work. Windsor One Plumbing arrived the next day (Saturday) at 9am and left at 5pm. They installed the dishwasher and built-in ovens, disposals, faucets, icemakers, sinks, water purifiers and venting for the stove hood. The price was more than reasonable and the work was flawlessly complete. I have nothing but praise. We are extremely satisfied!

- Tammy K.

Windsor One Plumbing recently did a job for me by installing a new double wall furnance and replaced all the venting an extended a gas line. While he was underneath the house he discovered the drain lines were leaking; causing a fowl odor undeneath the house. He replaced it with ABS plastic pipe. The price was more than reasonable for the amount of time and work he did. Windsor One Plumbing earned my respect and trust and I feel comfortable referring them to anyone that needs a Plumber they can call and trust.

-Cameron N.

I have a four unit building. I live in one of the units. Windsor One Plumbing has done a repipe; and you can’t even tell visually they repiped the building. Any stoppage or leaky pipes that occur in my building, I know I can always count on Windsor One Plumbing 24 hours A Day 7 Days a Week. I have their phone number on my speed dial. Windsor One Plumbing has a very knowledgable and dependable staff. I have been a client since 1965. My tenants also say a “Big Thank You” to Windsor One Plumbing.

- Frances F.

A couple years ago I locked myself out of my apartment and I did not know what I could do to get in.

I remembered that I left the living room window open but I lived on the second floor. I went by Windsor plumbing and asked if I could possibly borrow a ladder. The gentleman in the store drove to my apartment and propped the ladder against the building and I climbed up and got in.

I tried to give him a tip but he refused to take my money.

Sure this was not plumbing related but if they are that nice and they have been there for years I am sure they are reliable and honest.

5 Stars for being neighborly

- Mary A.